Our Story

Our story begins at the end of our founder’s life as a Swedish diplomat, when a horseshoe caught his eye during a visit to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The shop owner told him that finding a horseshoe brings good fortune. Being of the superstitious kind, our founder bought the horseshoe. 

Little did he know that he would find fortune shortly thereafter, when he met the woman that would become the mother of his firstborn daughter, his biggest fortune in life. The bracelet was initially designed as a tribute and a gift to remember how our founder was fortunized.

Finding inspiration from the equestrian world, it took a year to create a bracelet that he could proudly wear as a tribute to finding his fortune. Being the talk of the town, we started a journey to produce bracelets with a timeless elegant design and of the highest-quality.

We at The Fortunate One™ hope that any bearer of our bracelet will be fortunized, as our founder was. 

Our Heritage

Horse riding in Sweden has a uniquely broad popular anchorage. Agriculture and horse breeding have always been a natural part of life in Skåne, South of Sweden. Today, riders from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Skåne to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the varied nature and the popular horse events. 

We draw inspiration from our Swedish heritage, and we set out to create jewelry influenced by the fortune and protection associated with the horseshoe symbol.

So what does the horseshoe symbolize?

There are many tales about the meaning of the horseshoe. It is a very auspicious symbol, a charm used to protect against any form of evil and bring good luck. No ill omens seem to be connected with this particular superstition. From Greek and Roman mythology, Babylonian tales, medieval England, etc. the horseshoe has always been a symbol of protection against evil spirits and a bringer of luck.

Only the best components are used in our products… 

We at The Fortunate One are destined to produce high-quality products. 
  • Silver Sterling Horseshoe: Our horseshoe design is made out of real Silver Sterling 925. It is polished by hand, engraved and coated for perfect shine.
  • Full Grain Leather Bracelet: Braided by hand, our full grain leather bracelets are made with the best and highest-quality leather money can buy. When you invest in an item made with full-grain leather, you will probably have that item for the rest of your life if you take care of it properly.
  • Thread: To tie the loops, we are using Serafil thread, which is the quality thread that is used by saddle makers for exclusive horse saddles.
  • Box: Our box is made out of Bordeaux coloured velvet to give the exclusive feel of prosperity.

Only the best is good enough for The Fortunate One


We wish that your The Fortunate One™ bracelet will attract, empower and inspire Good Fortune and Protection into your life. Share the symbol with your friends and family, and wish them Abundance of Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness.